I think the scariest thing to do in life is to fall in love.

To let go of all your inhibitions, all your fears, all your worries.

To love someone who can do no wrong in your eyes.

Senseless love,

Senseless emotion.

Those that choose to fall in love

Yes choose

Because the mere fact that you disobey your instincts telling you that breaking down all your walls can only end one way, most of the time – badly, is most definitely a choice

To all the lovers out there:

I salute you,

I applaud you.

Because what you do is brave

Very brave

Love exacts a pain unequalled on the rack.


My Daily Bread

Sometimes I get confused

I don’t understand how I could have fallen this far

Let myself go

all for the sake of living in the moment

Now, the moment has passed

All I have left is the stain in my bed, all I have left is the perpetual headache in my head and the feeling that a part of me is missing

I miss you

I miss the way we used to be,

We could converse about literally everything, anything

Slowly you let me grow, left me alone to make my own decisions but now I just feel left alone

When I am in your building you remind me of your presence but like a tease it only lasts for  3600 seconds

I come back again the following week, the next and then the next

Hoping to encounter you again

I do

I do

I feel you holding me, I feel your grace against my skin, I feel your love as the warm tears rush from my eyes

But now they have gone cold

Nothing is left but a streak against my face

I go through the week remembering your name, two three times before I lay my head down for bed

Shame on me

Shame on ME

I complain but yet I do nothing

I hope that by some miracle you will absolve me from this problem

I am no longer a saint but your daily sinner so as I write this

This is my confessional, this is my daily bread, this is how I say I am sorry and this is how I pray for your mercy




So I sit here, waiting

Waiting for you to give me a sign

Waiting for you to tell me that I am the one

We talk incessantly

Wishing and hoping, praying and dreaming


Together Is what I thought we were

What I thought you wanted us to be

It is crazy how one can get so deluded

So crazy in love it is freaking pathetic.

But little did I know

That while we were jamming to each other’s melody

You were in between the legs of your wife Melody.

So it is true?

Is it true that you wasted my time?

Is it true you are not the man of my life?

You hesitate –


You cannot give me a straight answer.

Just like the criss-crossed roads in Bagada

You are confused

Not sure how to explain it

But it’s okay, I have gotten the message

Good bye and good riddance to bad rubbish!



I want to be loved

I want to be held

I want you to hold me.

Hold me tight, hold me close, never let go

If you let go of me, I’ll fly away

Away from this place

A place unknown to you

You will ask around, ask to hear my voice again

But once again, I’ll be away, away from you

All I need is for you to be honest with me

And tell me, “Baby, I’m in love with you.”


Nothing but a number

They all say age is nothing but a number

But if you still got parents that care, it becomes a problem

He’s too old, you’re too young, he’s not right for you, girl you gotsa move on

So even though you like him, you will have to hold on

Even if you tried to wait another couple of years

Whose to say that the age gap is going to fade away

It’s all about the psychology they say, you’re not in the same place

If you’re a girl who has always been surrounded and attracted older guys, what do you do?

You are a young girl, with an old soul,

Whose to blame, is it yourself, Oh!

Oh! You cry out, but no sound is heard

Because no matter how hard you try, nobody listens

We don’t want you to make the same mistakes we did 

But if you hadn’t done so, who would be the one telling me this

We all have to live our own lives, and make our mistakes

If something ain’t right, I’ll trust my instincts

It’s hard when you’ve found someone you like, and then your faced with the question,

Is age really nothing but a number?


The Search

How does one explain that they have so much love to give, but no one to give it to?

She has different guys, knocking at her door, giving her one lie after the other

As a self – concious girl, who wants to guard her heart, she decides to put aside her first thoughts

Her mama taught her never to judge a book by its cover…

But she also told her to trust her gut…

Trust her gut she tried, but with his beautiful smile, she decided to deny her heart

Her heart of the true love she knew she deserved.

Instead she went down a road that was not the truth to behold.

She soon uncovered months later that it was all a lie.

He claimed he wanted out,

She asked why?

Why didnt he tell her earlier, was he expecting her to pull her cookie out of  her cookie jar?

People tell you to embrace life as it comes, allow people to come into your life

Little do they know that you still have a reputation to uphold.

We live in a world that favours men,

Ever heard of the phrase double standard?

Women are perceived as sluts if  they have had to kiss more frogs than princes.

Men on the other hand are given the upper hand, are hailed and seen as tuff guys.

So the ugly cycle continues, until it gets to a point that she totally breaks down,

She sheds a few tears, is depressed for a few days and then she picks herself up.

Up she goes, to live another day, face another male.

Another comes, this time wth the same story, just packaged differently, will she ever find her man?


The Chase

He is driving me nuts.
Why hasn’t he called or text?
I remember I didn’t give him my number,
Instead I told him he could reach me via email.
I know, atypical,
But a girl these days can be seen to be too easy.
So I said email…
Men like the chase, but little did I know I’ll be ruining the race.
The next day after I met him, I sit at home.
I sit. I wait. Every email that comes to the phone my heart jumps.
I think it’s him.
I look at it and it’s just ASOS, can you imagine?
I’m stuck at home, confined to the thoughts in my head…
Of him.
I was too busy trying to act right, and then I realised, this isn’t about playing it right,
It’s just punishment.