I feel you opening my heart, opening my soul

Taking every broken bone, every torn ligament and making it new

Fabricating new cells which soon become a group of tissues

You use your music to ease my pain, soothe me from the inside out

I love your love for me, it makes no sense

I feel like crying because it amazes me, how

That group of tissues soon develop into an organ

That pushes and pumps up all the bad and fills it up with the good

Patience, Peace, Love, Endurance, Forgiveness

There is hope.

I work again,

You helped me work again,

You lifted me up

Into your arms I fell, I fall,


Because I know that when I do, you will save me once again –




My brain keeps you sane.

My laughter reminds you of the rain,

It’s cool nature takes over your vessels.

My radiance reminds you of the sun,

Hot, but yet needed for you to function.

My body reminds you of the earth,

How my world revolves around yours,

How its cyclical shape reminds you of my curves,

How my hips fit neatly beside yours.

My smile causes you to be dazzled,

constantly amazed at my grace and charm.

My eyes shining brightly act as your lifeline,

So when the glint is gone, so are you.