I think the scariest thing to do in life is to fall in love.

To let go of all your inhibitions, all your fears, all your worries.

To love someone who can do no wrong in your eyes.

Senseless love,

Senseless emotion.

Those that choose to fall in love

Yes choose

Because the mere fact that you disobey your instincts telling you that breaking down all your walls can only end one way, most of the time – badly, is most definitely a choice

To all the lovers out there:

I salute you,

I applaud you.

Because what you do is brave

Very brave

Love exacts a pain unequalled on the rack.



I feel you opening my heart, opening my soul

Taking every broken bone, every torn ligament and making it new

Fabricating new cells which soon become a group of tissues

You use your music to ease my pain, soothe me from the inside out

I love your love for me, it makes no sense

I feel like crying because it amazes me, how

That group of tissues soon develop into an organ

That pushes and pumps up all the bad and fills it up with the good

Patience, Peace, Love, Endurance, Forgiveness

There is hope.

I work again,

You helped me work again,

You lifted me up

Into your arms I fell, I fall,


Because I know that when I do, you will save me once again –




It’s just me and you, 


Side by side, 

Until the end of time. 


Come here my sweet one,

Don’t run away.

Even if you tried, your fears would chain you down. 


Don’t run down the street,

There is no point. 

There is no one you would meet.


It’s just me and you in this far away plain. 


No one can hear you scream. 

It’ll be an undeniable feat. 

One that shall be met with no response.


Your safe here with me. 

Look at my face, it is the only one you will see. 

The woman whose face you revisit in your locket, is the bearer of bad dreams.


Come here little one,

Close your eyes, 

and dream of me.