She walks up the street

Head down

Hood up

The pavement is her catwalk and the rain is her music

She walks confidently

Taking her time with each stride

Dancing with the wind at her side

They are scared

Scared because her face is unseen

Scared because of the colour of her skin

But she is human

As real and as human as you or me

Yet they move swiftly to the other side of the street


She continues up the street

She notices a bunch of men behind her

That does not seem to change her manner

But she is aware

Aware of the potential risk

She plans her escape route in case things should go awry

They see her

They laugh and giggle

She notices that too, so her pace increases by two.

They follow her,

and just as she was about to turn the corner

They pass in front of her, smile, and keep on walking.



My heart cannot beat for nothing.

I get all the attention but never from you

Like a nightmare, you torment me

Delve into my subconscious

When you say you will call, but don’t

I don’t even know if it’s because you’re genuinely busy

Or you just don’t care

You choose to call me when you want to talk

Am I just your side bitch?

But I still like you,

Still drawn to you

I can’t say no.

I need someone to brainwash me,

Remind me that I’m suffering,

Because you were older,

I thought you were going to be more responsible

Guess I was wrong.

And now I am stuck.

Do you love me?

Or do you not?

That is the question.

By Georgette and Shalom



I want to be loved

I want to be held

I want you to hold me.

Hold me tight, hold me close, never let go

If you let go of me, I’ll fly away

Away from this place

A place unknown to you

You will ask around, ask to hear my voice again

But once again, I’ll be away, away from you

All I need is for you to be honest with me

And tell me, “Baby, I’m in love with you.”



Now you overreact, just because I had the guts to fightback.

Starry eyed and bushy tailed I was.

So naive to you, and all you represented.

Every time I caught you out and had the sense to comment,

You tell me that ‘It’s really not like that!’

Stupidly I stayed, still charmed by your ways.

I should have known I was being played.


‘I’m too emotional!’ I tell a friend.

‘More like gullable.’ She replies.

‘Just like I have told you a thousand times,’ She continues.

‘Be weary of the guys that go around like they own the world.’

That does seem like good advice, but one forgets the heart that tries.

Tries to follow common sense when all the feelings don’t make sense.

So I follow my heart and I don’t trip despite the obvious.

I should have known I was being played.


He took my heart and tore it into little pieces.

I am one of the unfortunate that loves hard when they do.

The worst mistake of my life.

He took my heart and broke it again, again and again.

‘I care about you baby…’ smooth talking me back into his arms.

So big, brown and muscular. I can feel them around me.

Those arms that caressed Lucy, Dolapo, Shaniqua and Kyoto.

I am just another notch on his belt.

I should have known I was being played.