I’m tired of saying the same old thing to the same people every damn time
It’s like it goes through one ear and out the other.
Is it so hard for people to understand you, to comply with your words?
We live in world that even though we think we have choices, we really have none
We have to be friends with certain people.
Because without friends, you never really learn life’s lessons
Without friends, you never get to go to sleepovers, or birthday parties
All trivial, but yet so important!
We concern ourselves, with surrounding ourselves with amazing people
The smarty’s who make us smart
The popular kids who invite us to all the shindigs
The Afrocentric peeps,’ cause we want to remember a little piece of home
The gang, the unit.
The boys, the girls.
Our people,
Your person.
Because those people are your friends
Or so you think.
In a little while, you’ll be ostracised, put aside,
Left to crumble and cry.
Why? So you can learn a lesson, remember who is boss.
The fact is, without you, they will be nothing…
Without you,
What they think is perfect, becomes a single shade of an opaque glass
Left in the rain, with raindrops covering it.
In the cold, in the snow.
With no one,
To all the people that have ever been victimised: this is for you
Pick up all the pieces to the puzzle they have created,
Put it all back together,
And take solace in the fact that they make your life hell when they themselves are living in a mixed up conundrum.


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