Can’t you see it, perching on my shoulder, whispering in my ear

Can’t you hear it, the abusive words that slip out of my mouth

Can’t you feel it, your insides burning, your mind beginning to wonder

Don’t you wonder why it tells me to say these awful things

You provoked it, caused it to react the way it did, you deserved it.

Don’t you think so? Of course not, you’re on the receiving end.

You should have known better, you shouldn’t have prompted it,

Now you have to pay.

Is there a remedy?

There is, so simple… you have to massage it.

Massage it day and night, coax it, plead with it, love it

If you ever deny it, you will feel its wrath like the thunder pouring out from the heavens.

What did you do wrong? 

You shouldn’t be so simple, so silly not to have known.

You simply upset it, by being so perfect, all your positive advances, one cannot deny it

You anger it with your academic prowess, your creative genius, your erotic personality.

Don’t you get it?

You deeply upset the green eyed monster, that’s perched on my shoulder.

Georgette Monnou  ©


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