He looks at her and smiles, he can’t believe his luck.

He found a girl to love, which surpassed his expectations.

He still couldn’t believe, that she had chosen him to love.

Out of all the guys that surrounded her, cause believe me they were numbered,

She saw through his nonchalant attitude, and realised he was a cool dude.

She fought to tear down the walls he built, to guard all of his emotions.

She stuck with him through thick and thin, and that my dear, deserves an award.


She looks at him so lovingly, her heart flutters with him by her side.

She found a man that loves her so, and also loves our Creator.

She can’t imagine living a life without him, cause after all he was a diamond in the ruff,

She fought and fought, she screamed and shouted, to ultimately get what she wanted.

And me oh my it was worth it all, cause here they are engaged.

The wedding day fast approaches, and she is as busy as can be,

But she’s glad she’s found her man, who stands by her without need.


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