The Youth

Look at the youth of our generation, crimping and crumping to beats of the beat boxers heard over the radio station

‘Stay tuned for more’ it says while he goes off for a second.

So the youth in the meantime try to ensure that someday their song will be heard by millions

We seem to be so obsessed with this new phrase Y.O.L.O

People’s rebuttals have been but you only die once yo!

We concern ourselves with the ‘get rich or die trying’ analogy

That’s why you have greedy men, and hungry girls diggin’ for gold

It’s the pot of gold that is only found at the bottom of a rainbow

So off they go in search of success, using any means possible which leads to regrets

They realise too late in the day the kind of path to have followed

Meanwhile they tease those that choose to concern themselves with books not looks

Don’t get me wrong here, if music is your passion, then by all means go for it

All I’m highlighting, are those without talent who continuously try to push it

Music isn’t your only platform for success, what about Art, Drama, Astrology or Contests

Why not try your hand at that, instead of trying to conform

Instead we hear “them bitches, them n****s in the house, we gonna f**k this place like p***y’s never asked!”

Is that the kind of music we should be used to?

Why accept such trash when we know they haven’t got a clue

A clue to the way music is and should be produced

Our parents frown and state ‘‘this music of nowadays,’’

With a look that demonstrates their disdain

I guess what I am trying to say is live your life to the fullest

But do it so that you are following your real passion; not somebody else’s vision


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