The Search

How does one explain that they have so much love to give, but no one to give it to?

She has different guys, knocking at her door, giving her one lie after the other

As a self – concious girl, who wants to guard her heart, she decides to put aside her first thoughts

Her mama taught her never to judge a book by its cover…

But she also told her to trust her gut…

Trust her gut she tried, but with his beautiful smile, she decided to deny her heart

Her heart of the true love she knew she deserved.

Instead she went down a road that was not the truth to behold.

She soon uncovered months later that it was all a lie.

He claimed he wanted out,

She asked why?

Why didnt he tell her earlier, was he expecting her to pull her cookie out of  her cookie jar?

People tell you to embrace life as it comes, allow people to come into your life

Little do they know that you still have a reputation to uphold.

We live in a world that favours men,

Ever heard of the phrase double standard?

Women are perceived as sluts if  they have had to kiss more frogs than princes.

Men on the other hand are given the upper hand, are hailed and seen as tuff guys.

So the ugly cycle continues, until it gets to a point that she totally breaks down,

She sheds a few tears, is depressed for a few days and then she picks herself up.

Up she goes, to live another day, face another male.

Another comes, this time wth the same story, just packaged differently, will she ever find her man?


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