You frustrate me, consume me,

Are locked inside my head.

I complain because you’re there.

You fill up my thoughts,

You push away all other dreams.

Your dreams, become my dreams.

My dreams become non – existent.

How can they exist, when they have all of yours clogging my head.

Why are you there, there in my sub – conscious?

I shouldn’t complain, I put you there.

I shouldn’t hate you.

I should hate myself.

I let you in.

Into my mind, into my soul, into my bone marrow.

You lodged yourself there like a perfectly new white blood cell.

Instead of defending me, you acted like a parasite.

You took and took and took,

Until all my cells were dying.

But then I turned to a friend, I turned to God, and they acted as they should.

Talked some sense into me, you were no good.

How could I complain and pretend I hate you,

When all you did was show me your true colours.

I was being dishonest, with no one but myself.

You are gone now, away from my life, but why are you still in my head?


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